Dear Friends,

          I wanted to take a moment to encourage you in your spiritual journey.  I don’t know your past or your history, but I do know how magnificent God our Father is, Jesus His Son, and the Holy Spirit is.  God can repair and mend any pain whether it be emotional or physical.  He is good and has your best interests at heart.  He knows all that you need and desires to supply all your needs, as scripture says in Phil. 4:19.   He knows your potential and as we yield ourselves to Him, He will show us His path.  Yes. That’s the path we want.  Our own path will will not be nearly as glorious as His.  For God knows how we are made and for what purpose we can maximize our potential.   

       Maybe you don’t want to live maximizing your potential, but if you do, God will show you what to do and when to do it.   Since He uniquely designed and created us, He knows best how we function.   Did you ever hear that someone had “hidden talents?” Yes. I believe we all have them.  Whether or not they get discovered is another question.  When God displays Himself through us and in our talents, we go beyond our own ability into supernatural ability.  At this point, if we keep ourselves humble and honor Him with our talents, then we will continue to increase.  If we become prideful God opposes us.  Proverbs 3:34

       For any of you who may not know what God’s path involves, seek Him and He will reveal it to you.  Daily trust is a must to walk the path of maximized potential in God.