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Missions: India trip

“Watch out!” I screamed in my head as our taxicab driver played chicken with an oncoming car, motorcycle, bicycle, rickshaw, pedestrian and cow. This was to happen time and time again. I eventually learned, that while a traffic collision seemed inevitable our driver expertly avoided any calamity. Soon I was able to sit peacefully in our mode of transportation and smile out the window.

Welcome to India! The land of fascination. People are everywhere, crowds of them, just like vehicles of every shape and size. Cows and dogs share the narrow roadways. Rickshaws, a three-wheeled bicycle pulling a two man cart, is a means for a man to support his entire family. Motorized rickshaws are tiny three-wheeled half enclosed cars which buzz in and around traffic. My friend Cindi and I had the experience of riding in one of these. It was quite the test of courage.

India has been on my heart for the last one and one half years. After two trips falling through, this one God endorsed. It was a trip led by a west coast ministry, who helps oversee thousands of churches in India. Our leaders were seasoned experts in the travel, food, culture and customs of India. We were in good hands. They traveled us around by plane, train and boat. Ministry was premiere on our agenda, however we did manage to see the Taj Mahal at the end of our stay.

Our mission was to strengthen the Christian Church Pastors with teaching on the prophetic and the apostolic gifts and offices. After the teaching, our leader would release the team to prophesy and pray over the congregation. We released many words of encouragement and saw hope restored after breaking oppression. Our leader also released the team to minister in various house churches. He would inquire of the Lord and the Lord would show him what people were to go where, to minister in which church. I had the honor and privilege to share in three different village and house churches. This brought great delight to my heart and I am immensely grateful to the Lord for such an assignment!

We had a special farewell for the first congregation we ministered to. A couple of team members had the God inspired idea to purchase Indian slipper socks for the people. We would then pray over each person’s hard, dry and cracked feet while pulling on their socks. This turned into quite an emotional experience and many people were weeping as God released freedom into their hearts. It was a time of honoring them and blessing them. Then in return they gave us scarves and hats. We received their blessing as well. I love the way God works. I love the way He delights in us honoring one another.

Our team leader’s wife, Ann, is a worship leader. She led us into the heavenlies each morning with worship before our journeys got started. God touched each of our hearts during this time to draw us closer to Him and whisper new revelation to us. Ann also had opportunites to share and minister. During one occassion at a large church she closed her teaching with worship. The presence of the Lord showed up in a mighty powerful way. People were still as statues sitting in their seats encountering the Lord. I saw a young man who was having an extreme encounter and felt led to go to him. As I gently laid my hand on his back he wept and wept. We cried together. I did not know his story I only knew that my heart was responding to his cry unto the Lord. Eventually he stood to his feet, raised his hands and went into non-stop prayer in his prayer language. I found out the next day that he was a Pastors son and had strayed from Jesus. He returned his heart to Jesus and his prayer language was restored!

Cindi and I were released to minister at a village church which was an hour and fifteen minutes away. The drive was bouncy and bumpy. I breathed a silent prayer that I would not have to use the bathroom for the next six hours. For a bathroom in the countryside of India leaves much to be desired. Upon arrival we found the people had been waiting on us for over two hours. They had been sitting on the hard ground. The women in their beautiful saris on one side, the men on the other. The children were on the women’s side. We immediately began to share, talking briefly to allow plenty of time to pray over each person. There were about 250 people there. The people sat under a thatched roof. The women looked like a rainbow of color, signifying God’s promises. We prayed for everyone and we saw people delivered, healed and set free from oppression. It was a glorious time and one that brought delight to my heart. This was the highlght of the trip for me. I hugged many a person, cried with some and determined to contend for greater healing anointing to see God’s miracles next time. I prayed for a man with leprosy and two young boys with rickets. While I saw no immediate physical healing, I do believe God touched their hearts.

Ann had a worship session prior to us seeing the Taj Mahal. I went to it and layed down across the bed in the room. Soon the presence of God came upon me and for the next three and one half hours I could not move. The team had left and then came back to get me. This encounter is all about intimacy and revelations of God’s love. It was delightful!

I led a woman to accept Jesus during one of the meetings. Thank you Lord! I praise you for that!

The trip had God’s grace abounding in it. I experienced no stomach ache, headache, tiredness or diarrhea. I did catch a cold on the return flight, but not while I was there. I even had non-spicy foods to eat. I was not scared nor fearful. The Lord’s angels encamped around us. I am truly thankful to my husband for blessing me to go on this trip as he stayed home and interceeded for me. I am indeed thankful for the Lord calling me to India for I expect to return and continue advancing His kingdom. I am thankful to my dear friend Cindi who traveled with me for she is also anticipating returning.

In closing, the greatest grace on this trip was seeing people with spiritual eyes and not seeing their impoverished living conditions. In estimation I probably ministered to more than two hundred people on this trip. Multiply that by fifteen and you see three thousand people being touched by the Lord. Praise the Lord!