Inspiring Speech

Dear Friends,

What are we saying?  What are we telling our spouses?  Our Kids?  Our co-workers?  Our friends and families?  The Bible says in Proverbs 18:21, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit.”  Our speech either produces life or produces death.  We either bless or curse with our words.  Do we listen to what we say?  Or just ramble?

I used to be on my high school track team.  Our team was number 1 in the district for all four years I was in High School.  My coach knew how to help me excel.  He knew how to encourage and motivate me to run my hardest and fastest and I have state championship medals.  The positive encouragement of a coach or anyone else paves the way for success.  This is a spiritual principle that works for the saved as well as the unsaved.  If your words are positive and life giving you can see the fruit of those words.

A curse word on the other hand, a negative word that you come into agreement with, hinders and stifles your growth.  A curse word believes the negativity another says about us, rather than believing what God says about us.  We will not make it through life without any curse words coming our way.  We can however, learn to recognize them and break them off of us so there is no ill effect.  Also, we do not want to curse another, be careful of gossip.  If we curse another the negative is two fold.  They get cursed and it also comes back on us.

We must be intentional about speaking blessing and encouragement to everyone we know and meet!  As we encourage those who are discouraged, those who have made mistakes or those who feel lost and isolated, we will receive the blessing of the Lord in our heart.  It is the will of the Lord to uplift and edify, pointing out qualities in people that inspire and motivate them into their God-given destiny!  We also need to speak positive quality words into our own lives, and the Bible is full of those.  Speaking God’s life giving words into our own lives and the lives of others, comes with supernatural power to fulfill those words!  As believer’s in Jesus Christ, we can talk big!