Love and Function

Dear Reader,

It is interesting to note the correlations between our earthly family and our heavenly family. Mothers and fathers represent the heart of God. He is both male and female not just male. In a healthy family children can grow up knowing and understanding the love of our heavenly Father by the experience of their earthly parents. All is not lost however, if the earthly family has a single parent or children are in foster care or orphanages, etc. Our God is redemptive and He restores all people unto Himself and heals their hearts once they choose Christ for their life. There is a point I want to make about family, function and love.

My husband and I have raised four children who are now grown and living away from home. Our children were all loved the same. Our kids participated in various sports, scouts, music and youth group activities. We drove them all around town to give them opportunities to grow, expand and find their passions. We took vacations and even lived in Italy for three years with the military. We invested in our family because of love. However, our love never changed in response to their functions or awards.

My daughter was in third grade and had to memorize an entire page for a speech because she was Abe Lincoln in a school show. She forgot her lines while standing in front of the crowd. She looked out at the crowd and said, “I forgot my lines” and everyone laughed. But then she remembered and said her entire message through. My son was playing tee ball at four years old and we watched him swing and miss a tee ball many times. We watched a volleyball game our son had to sit out because he had a bad grade on a test and the team lost a championship game because of it. We watched our daughter crash on a high school track while receiving a baton exchange. On the other hand our kids received numerous awards, trophies and acclamation for their performances whether in sports, academics or music.

None of the above effected our love for our kids. Relationship is not about performance. How are kids performed in any given function did not diminish or deepen our love for them. Love that is conditional is love based on conditions or performance. God’s love is agape love which means it is not conditional. He loves you beyond your performance whether good or bad. He loves you beyond your mistakes and bad decisions. God is a good Father and His desire is for you to experience His love and enjoy the new life that only Jesus can provide.

John 15:9 “Just as the Father has loved Me, I have also loved you; abide in My love.”