Stethoscope Anyone?

We all know this drill. The doctor says, “take a deep breath” as he moves the stethoscope around listening to our heartbeat. It is quiet except for the the sound of breathing. Recently the Lord was revealing to me His desire to hand out stethoscopes. I waited for further explanation as I was thinking, “this can’t be the Lord.” The times when you think this can’t be God, oftentimes are. I was alert and waiting. The Holy Spirit began to speak to my heart about our spiritual climate. Our country is in chaos and wrong seems right and right seems wrong. Everywhere you look negative news is trying to oppress believers in Christ and the new leader of our country. It is time for the body of Christ to “arise and shine,” declaring the heart and word of our Creator releasing healing for our land!

Why is the Lord making reference to stethoscopes? He desires for his people to get quiet and listen to His heartbeat. Our prayers should be more than petitioning prayers. As we quiet ourselves, shutting down the noise in our lives, we give God room to speak. What is on His heart? What are the prayers and declarations He wants released into our nation? How we will ever know, if we are the ones doing all the talking? God knows all, “He created the heavens and the earth and all that is in them. ” I believe God wants His message of salvation, healing and freedom spoken over North America and all the earth. Making the time for the secret place, listening to His heart, will empower us to share His good news. We will have the word of the Lord to boldly declare as a weapon.

God is ready to release His grace on those who are taking the time to listen and hear His heart for our nation. He knows what we should be proclaiming and decreeing for our land to become unified. We won’t all believe the same thing, but we can be respectful to all people. If we take time to commune with our Lord, and take time to hear his heart, we will know what to pray and when. We can avert attacks , speak to the weather and change the spiritual climate. Our prayers activate the power of God as we pray in agreement with His word and heart releasing the Kingdom of heaven on earth! Stethoscope anyone? Blessings.

Isaiah 60:1
Isaiah 45:18