Africa Mission

I stared at the carefully cultivated hillsides while traveling into Uganda from Rwanda. The soil was dark and rich, the vegetation green and healthy. Workers in the fields were women swinging pick axes. There were no tractors, oxen or work horses. Thinking about the exertion on one’s back and neck almost created pain. Some women had their baby’s bundled on their back. Other small children sat in the dirt nearby. There are many homes without electricity and most roads are dirt, not pavement. It felt like backward time travel a couple centuries.

Our team of nine, led by Peter Seth Neuberger from Kashabba Tribe Ministries, came from Alaska, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Peter recently moved his family to Rwanda, from Tanzania. He is very familiar with the way of life there and was a superb leader. The mission in Rwanda was to train Pastors with open meetings at night. The mission in Uganda was to train Pastors in the day and have an open air crusade at night complete with tents.

Praise and worship in Africa has it’s own category. Dancing unto the Lord involves every body part moving! They know how to celebrate and rejoice! Often times we would see the dirt from the crusade ground turn into a cloud from the stomping of feet for Jesus! The women were dressed in brightly colored dresses, fancy shoes and the men wore suits to the crusade and church on Sundays. The last outdoor church service lasted a mere five hours including three and a half hours of singing and dancing before the speaker.

There was leading from the Lord to solidify Christian foundations. Our teachers spoke on: Love, A Healthy Church, Sonship, The Culture of Honor, The Fire of God, Forgiveness, The Feeding of the Five Thousand, Salvation, and Testimonies. After each teaching there was an altar call where people received salvation, healing or deliverance. The power of the Holy Spirit was evident and lives were transformed.

Everyone I prayed for with pain, was healed. I had a teenager receive Christ. Another teen was healed from intestinal worms. Some women received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Others were slain in the spirit and many received deliverance. With the teachings on forgiveness, people were set free through forgiving. This is my passion, to see people encounter the love and power of God! All glory unto the Lord!

God captured my heart for Africa. I had encounters five days during this trip. The connections to Pastors brought invitations to return. My friend and I took a duffle bag full of handouts: three spirit-filled study Bibles, a thinline Bible, seventeen children’s books for a primary school, two soccer balls, baby clothes, lollipops and some items our leader needed. The team received gifts as well: African shirts and dresses, and we felt so honored! Now I have a dress for my return trip!

In closing, I encourage you to pray for nations around the world. God is moving and people are coming to Christ by the tens of thousands. If you have an opportunity to serve on a missions trip and see another part of the world, you will be blessed. I went on this trip to serve and I received much more than I ever expected. As you give away you will be filled, whether here in the US or in other countries. Stay full of the Holy Spirit and be a fountain of living water. Blessings.

Mark 16:15 he said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”