Hearing God's Voice

As a Sheep

John 10:27-28 states “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow me;
and I give eternal life to them, and they shall never perish; and no one shall snatch them
out of my hand.

Let’s take a minute to ponder the importance of hearing God’s voice.  If we are not hearing His voice
then we will be following our own voice, or the enemy’s voice which could lead us down the wrong road.
The voice of the Holy Spirit will affirm God’s love for us.  This is something we all need to hear.
With all the negativity in our world swirling around us and all the criticism in the news,
we need to hear God’s voice affirming His love for us. It is not based on our performance
or how spiritual we are.   His love is unconditional and the depths of it brings
healing to our heart and enables us to love Him in return and to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Hearing God’s voice for making decisions no matter how large or how small, brings forth fruit.
Speaking of fruit, God often leads me to the grocery store for the best sales on what I need for my family.
We needed to hear God’s voice when we were leaving the Army and moving to a permanent home.  When
the realtor showed us our current home, we all ran through it a bit too enthusiastic.  My husband warned
us to act nonchalant.  We all knew God had picked out our home and we have lived here 20 years!  We
have used our home for ministry in multiple ways:  Youth group camp outs, women’s Bible study,
MORE meetings, men’s meetings, etc.  It has been a blessing.

The premiere reason for hearing God’s voice, I believe, is for relationship.  Just as sheep know their
shepherd’s voice, we should know the Holy Spirit’s voice.  This is something to cultivate.  The Lord has many
servants, but few friends.  Friends know one another’s voice.  In this day and age confusion abounds. There are many
voices but only God’s voice will lead us on the pathway of love, peace and joy!