Missions Trips


Dear Friends,

We came to a standstill. There were five of us inside a small car driving to our first church to preach at in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The news spread through the traffic jam. Rio was involved in a massive protest against the government to oppose rising costs in the economy. We would soon come to find out over one million people were involved. How long we would sit there, we did not know. The church service was to begin at 7:00pm and it was already past that time. I was thinking how people handle traffic jams in the USA. Usually it is with much complaining and frustration. Yet our Brazilian friends seemed hardly phased by it. They are used to traffic jams everyday. They kept my son and I in good spirits and for the most part, relaxed. We were in this traffic jam about 2 1/2 hours. It was by the grace of God that we were able to endure happily.

I believe we all need the grace of God everyday to happily handle the affairs of life.
In the natural, a traffic jam for even one hour, let alone 2 1/2, would create intense frustration. The grace of God is available to us to handle any adversity that life throws at us. Let’s keep our joy!

2 Corinthians 12:9
“My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.”

We arrived at the church at 9:20pm. The congregation had already been there over two hours. The worship was over. I had anticipated, earlier in the day, that once we arrived at this church I would worship and hear what the Lord wanted to speak and do. Now I am arriving past the hour of worship, past my bedtime and having just endured a lengthy traffic jam.

The Lord filled my heart with His. I looked into the eyes of the people and felt the compassion of Jesus. He was there with me. He had a word for these people about “release.” He wanted to free the captives. He wanted to free the hearts of the oppressed. He wanted His people to know how much He loved them, cared for them and would provide for them. I began to speak His heart and feel His love. I called the children up on the stage to pray for them. The Lord did not have me share too long, for more importantly was the ministry time where we would pray for each one and hug them for Jesus. His grace is sufficient or more than enough. All my tiredness went away. It was an awesome night with many people coming into freedom. I give all the glory to Jesus, my best friend forever!