Missions Trips

Missions #3 church in Rio

A healing meeting! Yes, that’s it! I was prepared. It was Sunday night and I would be speaking in the church of the Pastor’s home we were staying at. The Pastor stated how there were many who needed healed in his church. So I conferred with the Holy Spirit
and prepared to speak on healing and then pray for the sick. When we arrived at the church, I looked around. It looked to me like half of the congregation were young people. Oh no I thought. I asked the Lord. “Do you really want me to do a healing meeting?” Then He answered and said to speak on “Trust” again.

I remember sharing on how brilliant God is. He created the heavens and the earth.
He created you and I and knows precisely how we operate. He knows every gift, talent
and all our potential. When you consider that He is more than a genius surely we know that He, God, has a solution to all and every problem. Prov. 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.”  If we lean on our own understanding we shall live with limitations. We see only the natural and will see the negative. It takes spiritual eyesight to look into adversity and see the positive possibilities of the supernatural power of God. There is victory in Jesus!

This verse is relevant to my life right now. It’s a season of waiting upon the Lord and trusting. God bring us to these places periodically to give us opportunities to rely on Him in ways we haven’t needed to before. This is a place where we need the revelation that God is good, He is for us, He has great plans for us and is preparing us for the season ahead.  If we don’t have these attitudes in place, we will not wait well and may form our own plans rather than hearing His. There is new and greater strength to be gained in times of waiting.

After the message my son and I prayed for everyone in the church. A short bit into the
prayer time, the Lord asked me to hug everyone I prayed for.  I cried with many people. It seems that once I wrap my arms around people, I can literally feel His love  encompassing us both and through the tears freedom emerges! Many tears were shed that night as were many burdens bringing new freedoms! The prophetic gifts that my son and I carry were also flowing. It was a time of encouragement and strengthening. I give all glory and honor to my Lord for the privilege of sharing His word and loving people for Jesus!!