Missions Trips

Missions #4 church Rio

Whew! In a split second I was thrown back onto the floor bumping into my son who had his own prayer line. I was picked up and made my way back to the woman I had been praying for to see what was going on. I didn’t find out exactly what God was doing but I did see that she was crying and shaking. That’s a good sign suggesting the Holy Spirit was working. The Holy Spirit had come upon us both! He was pouring out upon many people releasing healing and freedom. My son and I prayed for every person there and they shut off the lights at midnight!

While we waited for pick-up to this church, our final one of four in Rio De Janeiro, our translator was hearing a testimony from the Pastor which would cause me to celebrate God for quite some time. He shared that after the last time we ministered in this church, they hit a bout of prosperity. They were able to buy two church vans, two new bathrooms, an air conditioner, new flooring, a new ceiling and enlarge their seating capacity! All this with offerings of less than one hundred American dollars! This just blew my mind. God does above and beyond what we can think or imagine.

I spoke on the miracle of the lame man beside the pool of Bethesda.  He was lame for thirty-eight years and waiting for the pool to stir so he could get in and be healed by the angel. Jesus comes to him and asks him what he wants. He responds that he wants healed. Jesus tells him to take up his mat and walk! John chapter 5. I encouraged people not to give up. Don’t give up on your miracle! Persist in what you know God can do and stand firm! If Jesus healed in His ministry we have every right to believe healing is also for us. As we meditate on the healing verses in the Bible we will strengthen and grow our faith to where we can receive. We have been given authority over all the power of the enemy.

To God be all the glory! To Him be all the praise! Every good thing and every person touched on our entire trip is all because of His love and power. We are simply vessels used to love people for Jesus and pour out His living water upon everyone we meet. I was in my element. I hugged many, cried with many, felt God’s compassion for many and we were treated like royalty. It was trip to remember.