Video follow up

Finding God in the Woods

IMG_1443Dear Reader,

Thank you for watching my video and taking the time to connect with me. I truly believe that life without Christ is like a world without color. A world that can only take you as far as your own talent and ability. A world where you have to depend on the limited resources of mankind and also depend on your own logic. There are many voices in this age in which we live and you need to determine who to listen to. Which path will you follow? Who do you want to journey through life with? What is it that will create passion in your life? When will you follow through on your plans? How will you reach your destiny?

Walking with Jesus brings transformation to an otherwise colorless life. He makes all things new and beautiful! With Him “all things are possible!” He would be ecstatic to accompany you on your journey through life! Jesus will be there to love and guide you on the path to fulfillment. When He comes to live in your heart, and you receive salvation, you are a new creation. “The old has gone, and the new has come.” You become a carrier of His Kingdom, and all that Jesus did, we can do also. The benefits of life with Christ far outweigh life without Him. The most amazing benefit, is His love. It fills your heart and you realize how valuable and beautiful you are. Another wonderful attribute is His forgiveness, lending to freedom beyond which you’ve never experienced. There are many reasons for which to decide to receive Jesus Christ. Often times the question people have is whether or not God is real. If you sincerely pray and ask Him to show you this, He will.

Here is a prayer of salvation:
Lord Jesus,
This day I am choosing to follow you with all my heart and strength. I know I have sinned and fallen short. But you have forgiven all my sins through Jesus Christ who was crucified, dead and buried, but rose again on the third day. I believe Christ rose from the dead. I receive my forgiveness. I commit my life into your hands. A-Men.