Diane’s Book

My heart is expressed in this newly published book, Kingdom Benefits, Advantages of a New Life with Christ. I have walked with Jesus many years and my desire is to share with the world how amazing a personal relationship with our Heavenly Father is. You will gain a greater understanding of what the kingdom of God looks like and what is available to us as sons and daughters in His family. Living with Christ is full of benefits and it far outweighs living for self in this world.

Come and journey with me through the pages of this book and learn about God’s unconditional love, peace that surpasses all understanding, joy in the midst of trials, healing for sickness, Godly wisdom for the myriad of decisions we make, and more. My hope and prayer is that each reader will choose to walk more closely with the Lord, and for non-believers, to choose to believe. I have a connection page on this site for any follow-up questions. I bless you in your reading.