DBM is currently praying about a ministry trip to Kenya, in July, 2021. Africa has a mix of persecution against Christians in some areas and in others the Holy Spirit is moving in significant power. It is an honor for me to partner with Kashabba Tribe Ministries in preaching the gospel, distributing Bibles, village evangelism, praying for healing in the hospitals, and handing out teaching books for the Pastors.

On another note, my first book is soon to be released; Kingdom Benefits, Advantages of a New Life with Christ! This book was designed for the person contemplating a Christian lifestyle, and can also be used for discipleship. I am believing God to use this book for the advancement of His glorious kingdom.

Videos will soon be available on this website, as the lord has called me to “join the online chorus.” The Lord wants the airways.

Reaching out to those in the streets and grocery stores with words of encouragement or prayer for healing, is a passion steadily increasing. The testimony of Jesus needs shared in every street and byway. Let us bring heaven to earth and see the multitudes saved.